Purchasing a mini fridge can be a tough decision since there are so many different models and designs offering many different desirable features.  The SPT RF-334SS Compact Refrigerator is an excellent choice especially if you are on a budget.  It is priced relatively low when compared to other top-notch mini fridges similar to its design.  This low price tag doesn’t mean it under performs or lacks the features of higher priced compact refrigerators.

This mini fridge offers 3.3 Ft of cubic capacity which is enough storage space to hold a week’s worth of food for one person.  It contains a full-width freezer that can hold multiple small frozen meals and an ice cube tray.  The big plus side of this mini fridge is that it has 3 glass shelves of storage space that can be rearranged however you like.  There is also a large vegetable crisper to keep any fresh produce as fresh as the day you bought it.  The door storage on this unit incredible when compared to other models.  There is a large can dispenser that can hold up 8 12 oz. cans of your favorite soda or beer!  There is also a tall bottle rack that can hold up to two 2-liter bottles.  There are also two small racks of storage space in the door for smaller bottles or goods.

Did i forget to mention that the freezer is a true zero degree freezer unlike most compact fridge freezers.  That means it has the ability to store ice cream without worrying about it melting.  There is also an adjustable thermostat in this unit to allow for manual temperature control.  This fridge also has a stainless steel door that will accent any modern decor while keeping this fridge as durable as possible.

Product dimensions and weight:  21 x 18 x 33 inches and 44 lbs.

The SPT RF-334SS Compact Refrigerator is ranked #2 on our Best Mini Fridges Overall rankings.


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SPT RF-334SS Compact Refrigerator
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